The 2 Elements Medical Writers Need

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In the world of medical writing, it is unusual to find a writer that has the knowledge and skills necessary to excel in both science and business. While most medical writers only specialize in one of those aspects, the husband and wife team at Medical Communications Depot, Inc. uniquely encompass both skills sets, offering a… Read more »

Biota Medicine

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A microbiota is a collection of microbial species that form a community. A microbiome is the collection of genes present in the genomes of that community. I was first introduced to the subject of micobiota at a conference on Digestive Diseases in 2010 during which one of the speakers presented some of the early findings… Read more »

Medical Writing Abroad

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When you run your own medical writing business, you are either writing or working on getting new business. As most freelancers know, it’s a full-time job and vacations are way down on the list of things to do. Since leaving big pharma Maria and I have wished we could find a way to take advantage… Read more »

Gene Therapy

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Of the dozens of conferences we cover each year, almost all have at least one presentation on the potential of gene therapy, regardless of the conference topic. Gene therapy is being studied to correct immunodeficiency diseases, diabetes, cancer, heart disease, and a myriad of other conditions. While many gene therapy clinical trials are currently under… Read more »