Conference Coverage

The average medical conference last 4 days during which there are upwards of 2500 distinct presentations, not to mention poster and satellite sessions and the exhibit floor. Planning conference coverage whether for competitive intelligence or publication must take into account last minute on-the-scene changes, late-breaking news, and the restrictions/rules that are imposed by each conference.




Medical conference coverage requires both knowledge of the therapeutic area being covered and the ability to synthesize the key points from several individual sessions into a coherent and clinically useful report. We have prepared session highlights and satellite symposia summaries from medical conferences in a broad range of therapeutic areas. In addition to MD Conference Express®, for which we have been a contributor since 2006, we have provided specialized conference coverage for Dothan Press, Strategic Health Com, The Conference Publishers, the Curry Rockefeller Group, and Viewpoint Consulting.




Since 2006 we have covered more than 300 sessions from more than 45 different conferences. Topics included neurology, cardiology, thoracic medicine, oncology, women’s health, medical imaging, infectious diseases, and nutrition.


Preparing a Poster Presentation