Publication Planning

A well-developed and managed publication plan is essential to the successful launch of a new chemical entity or announcement of a new drug indication. Publication plans must take a long range view, generally working gradually to build awareness and interest all within a tightly confined regulatory setting. The plan must be strategically oriented but flexible enough to take into account changes in the competitive environment as well as in the clinical development plan.




We have years of experience with the development of publications plans from both an in-house perspective (managing an outside communications vendor) and as freelance contractors. We work with our clients to develop a fully referenced plan. This includes a snapshot of the condition, its current treatment and unmet needs, a SWOT analysis (Figure 1), an analysis of ongoing and recently completed clinical trials, an analysis of the recent publication and presentation history for both the client’s and competitors’ compound (Figure 2), a gap analysis, recommendations for clinically supportable strategic and tactical scientific communication points, and a recommended publication/presentation schedule that includes journals and congress venues (Figure 3).