Writing Services

To be most effective information is generally best presented in a variety of formats. We are adept at helping our clients identify which is best for each audience and situation.


We prepare manuscripts for submission to peer reviewed journals, abstracts, posters, and slides for presentation at major medical conferences, and slides for physician and patient education programs.



Unlike many of our colleagues, we have experience writing textbooks. During 2014 Phil Vinall authored several chapters for 2 textbooks that are being used for an online course in Healthcare Administration. The chapters covered topics in health systems, healthcare administration, healthcare history, and social implications of healthcare.


Social Implications of Chronic Illness & Disability

Susan J. Atlas, J. Rosser Matthews, Erik Fritsvold, Phillip E. Vinall

BridgePoint Education, Inc. 2014


The U.S. Health Care System

Adina Batnitzky, Daniel Hayes, Phillip E. Vinall

BridgePoint Education, Inc. 2014



Advisory Board and Meeting Summaries
Pharmaceutical companies use advisory boards to provide guidance on clinical development and trial protocols, marketing campaign assessments, and the chances for product reimbursement. These meetings can be critical to a successful launch as well as to maintaining relationship with thought leaders. It is imperative that the discussions and recommendations from these meetings be well-documented. We are experienced at summarizing these meeting in a way that allows for the development of clear action steps and feedback to the participants.


Competitive Intelligence
Knowing the what, where, and when of your competition’s presentations and publications is important. While often conducted at medical meetings competitive intelligence can also take the form of database searches that include published literature, press releases, and investor communications. We are experienced at finding and synthesizing the information from all of these sources into an informative report that can help drive a publication plan.


Literature Reviews
Journal Clubs
Patient Focused Publications
Poster Development


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